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Includes water trough and saddle blanket

Mary's donkey was truly an extraordinary animal. He made the three-day trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph, spending most of the journey carrying Mary. When they arrived in Bethlehem and discovered there was no room in the Inn, the weary travelers made their way to the stable. Joseph used the donkey's saddle blanket to make a place for Mary to rest. While Mary and Joseph made the best of their swelling place the donkey went to his trough and found it filled with cool clean water. The donkey drank deeply and then found a soft corner of the stable where he could rest. Within moments of falling asleep, the donkey awoke to the bright light of a brilliant star heralding the birth of Baby Jesus, but rather than being startled the donkey found himself enveloped in quiet calm. The donkey then heard, ''come and rest weary one. We have a long journey to Egypt ahead.'' With that, the donkey found a place near the manger to lie down and dream of the family who loved him.
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