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Harry Potter

Welcome to City Lights Collectibles, your ultimate destination for enchanting collectibles. Immerse yourself in the captivating World of Harry Potter with our extensive range of magical treasures. Explore our vast selection of meticulously crafted Harry Potter figurines, water globes, and Chibi Charms Figurines featuring beloved characters like Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Tom Riddle, Gringotts Goblin Bank, Professor Remus Lupin, and more.

Step into the enchanting realm of Harry Potter with our exquisitely detailed figurines. Bring your favorite characters to life with the Hermione Granger figurine, capturing her intelligence and bravery. Join the adventure with Ron Weasley on Chess Horse, frozen in a moment of strategic brilliance. Feel the presence of Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape as they evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Immerse yourself in the magic with our captivating water globes. Behold the mesmerizing beauty of the Half-Blood Prince water globe, capturing a pivotal moment in Harry's journey. Experience the thrill of the Quidditch match with the Harry Potter Quidditch water globe, as Harry soars through the skies on his broomstick.

Indulge your love for all things cute and collectible with World of Harry Potter Figurines. Adorn your shelves with the delightful figures of Sirius, Lupin, Voldemort, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Harry, each exuding their unique charm. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $89, making your City Light Collectibles shopping experience even more delightful.

Since 1989, City Lights Collectibles has been a steadfast presence in the world of collectibles and holiday decor. With a rich history spanning over three decades, our extensive experience speaks volumes about our dedication to curating and offering the finest collectible treasures. Our expertise shines through in our our longstanding partnership with the renowned brand Harry Potter, a testament to our commitment to quality. Our legacy is not just one of commerce but of family values and a shared commitment to exceptional customer service. At City Lights Collectibles, our journey is one of experience, dedication, and a shared love for the world of collectibles. “Being a family business is something we are incredibly proud of. We enjoy your patronage and hope to exceed your expectations” - Brian Young.



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