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Tree Toppers

Welcome to City Lights Collectibles, where magic and wonder await you with our enchanting selection of Christmas Tree Toppers Collectibles. Elevate your holiday décor to new heights with our mesmerizing range of tree stars, angels, character toppers, and finials. Each piece is meticulously crafted to add a touch of elegance and charm to your Christmas tree, creating a festive atmosphere that will leave everyone in awe.

Let the stars shine bright with our tree stars collection, available in gleaming gold and shimmering silver. These stunning tree stars are designed to catch the light, casting a warm and radiant glow over your tree. For a touch of sophistication, explore our pearl tree stars that bring a lustrous and timeless beauty to your holiday centerpiece. And for those who seek a touch of tradition with a modern twist, our illuminated stars will bring a magical ambiance to your home.

Grace your tree with heavenly elegance with our Christmas Tree Angels collection. Our angels exude ethereal beauty and are available in various designs, including fiber optic lit angels, adding a heavenly glow to your holiday celebrations. For the pop culture enthusiasts, our character Tree Toppers collection will undoubtedly steal the show. From the dark allure of Darth Vader to the beloved charm of Mickey Mouse, and the wisdom of Yoda, we have an array of beloved characters to make your tree stand out. Additionally, we've also included whimsical favorites like Snoopy, Jack Skellington, and Star Wars' adorable "The Child."

Finally, explore our captivating selection of Finials, where artistic designs take center stage. Choose from the exotic allure of Chinoiserie, the nostalgic charm of Folk Art, or delve into the enchanting worlds of Hogwarts from Harry Potter and Willy Wonka. Each finial is a work of art that adds a touch of personality and flair to your Christmas tree.
Celebrate the joy of giving and sharing this holiday season, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $89. Don't miss the chance to turn your holiday into a memorable masterpiece with City Lights Collectibles. Happy holidays and joyful decorating!

Since 1989, City Lights Collectibles has been a steadfast presence in the world of collectibles and holiday decor. With a rich history spanning over three decades, our extensive experience speaks volumes about our dedication to curating and offering the finest collectible treasures. Our expertise shines through in our enchanting range of Tree Toppers, a testament to our commitment to quality. Our legacy is not just one of commerce but of family values and a shared commitment to exceptional customer service. At City Lights Collectibles, our journey is one of experience, dedication, and a shared love for the world of collectibles. “Being a family business is something we are incredibly proud of. We enjoy your patronage and hope to exceed your expectations” - Brian Young.

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