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Department 56 - Snowbabies
Puffins Collection

Baby Puffin Rescue Project
Department 56 # 6012357
Dimensions: 3.74in H x 1.977in W x 2.28in L
Material: Porcelain, Polyester

Item Details: 
This Snowbaby is collecting the baby Puffins to safely return them to their home at sea. Designed by Kristi Jensen Pierro exclusively for Department 56.  Annual Baby Puffin Rescue: "Each Spring, millions of Puffins journey to Iceland to raise thier families.  The small Puffin chicks are kept safe and warm in underground burrows dug by their parents.  later that summer, the Puffin parents leave their chicks.  Awaken by their instincts, the Puffin chicks emerge from their burrows and head towards the sea.  However, the lights of nearby cities can confuse the chicks and thye end up inland.  Luckily for them, local children gather thier flashlights and boxes and find the losst chicks.  They are then lovingly returned to the sea, where the chicks survivie and thrinve.  The childen believe that the Puffins will remember their acts of kindness and will one day return to play with them."

Introduction January 2023

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Manufacturer Prod ID6012357
Date Produced2023 - 2023
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